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Donkey Kong Country 3 was released in November 1996, continuing the one year trend between Kong Country games. This time, both Donkey & Diddy kong have been kidnapped, so Dixie Kong, introduced in DKC2, goes with the new Kiddie Kong on a quest to save them.


Note: The 'TUFST' code which removes DK and continue barrels is considered 'Hard mode'. The game normally reports 100% as 103%, but with this code it is 105%.

  • Best Hard 100%: 1:51 by David 'marshmallow' Gibbons on 08.06.04.
  • Best Riverside Race: 54.70 by Brad 'Cyberwrath' Cutler on 18.06.04.

Hard 100% 1:51 by David Gibbons done in 11 segments.

File details: 378 MB total size, requires DivX codec.

Author's comments:

Normally the maximum percentage available in DKC3 is 103%. However, there is an "expert code" that takes away all DK barrels and save/midway/continue barrels - whatever you want to call them. The game becomes much more difficult! To perform this, select a new file and press LRRLRRLRLR. A prompt will come up - type in "TUFST". Now you can enter your name as usual and begin the game. A new, snazzy ending status screen and 105% will be you reward for getting everything.

If you lose a partner and begin a new stage you will automatically get that character back. There are only 4 DK barrels in the entire game that will benefit the player (the others are in boss levels but disappear because you have 2 characters anyway!):

1. Tearaway Tobbagon: the first bonus has a DK barrel because without a partner it is not possible to get all the stars. However, it would take effort to lose a character because the bonus is right at the start of the level and there is only a single, stationary buzz.
2. Pot-hole Panic: Without leaving the bonus with Ellie or having both Kongs it would be impossible to get to the automatic barrel before Squitter.
3. In Swoopy Salvo: The last bonus - see number 1. Except this time it is useful because this level is tough.
4. Kastle Kaos: After Kaos is defeated you receive a barrel. This is useful for me because my strat involves sacrificing a Kong to beat Kaos faster.

Due to the difficulty of a 105% run I decided to go with multiple segments, saving after the completion of each world.

When I first began recording it was only for a friend, I didn't actually think I would get a good time. The record at Twin Galaxies is around 2:27 for 105% and when I realized my time was going to blow that out of the water I started to be more serious. If anyone were to be crazy and bored enough to beat my time they would have to correct these mistakes (plus not make others)...

1. Picking up barrels when I don't need them. Throughout the game. Maybe three or four times. Curse the double use of Y (run and pick up)!
2. Sliding down slippery slopes, especially on the waterfall and jungle stages.
3. Not collecting bear coins that are out of the way in the stages. I thought about this before doing the run. I knew I had to get 55 bear coins by the time I finished the Lost World. I decided to get as many bear coins in the stages as I could so you wouldn't have to watch 20 minutes of me beating Cranky down in Swanky's game (which does not take time off the game clock, mind you). This decision probably added 20 seconds at the most.
4. Not going super fast in Floodlit Fish. When going down the vertical shafts filled with Lurchins going up and down there are alcoves to wait them out. It is possible, although very random, to be able to just skewer through them and continue. I erred on the side of safety because after the first two stages I just wanted to get the world over with. Add another 15 seconds at the most.
5. Koindozer Klamber got ugly around the first bonus barrel. First I chickened out of jumping off the Bazuka's gun directly into the bonus (4 seconds) and then in the bonus game I somehow missed a single star (3 seconds).
6. In Poisonous Pipeline (for those not familiar, the entire challenge of the level lies in the fact that your D-pad left/right are switched while in the Kool-Aid), I forgot to perform the trick with Enguarde that makes it so you don't go flying off into the alcove when you pass the no-Enguarde sign. All you have to do is hug the ceiling before charging. Around 4 seconds I suppose. I also chickened out on one of the fish obstacles later on.
7. Rocket Rush! I like the stage but I was extremely cautious at the first half, mainly because the Lost World is so difficult. I can usually do the second half with only hitting the ceiling once but I hit twice because I didn't really practice before the run. And the Koin at the end became disagreeable with Dixie...
8. My greatest failing in DKC3 is my lack of complete Squitter mastery -- I sometimes miss jumps when going vertical with quick webs. This is the one thing that I am envious of Snap Dragon's DKC2 run. Although I can do much better than what is shown it does not matter because my Krack-Shot Kroc level is pretty disgusting, most likely the worst level in the run.
9. FEEL THE RANDOMNESS! Yes, even in an SNES platform jumper from RARE there are still random factors. Three major ones that could really affect the end time, as far as I can tell...
  a. Green banana game bonus: Especially if there are obstacles. You'd have to save before and after each stage to get the ideal conditions.
  b. Lightning-Look Out: I have a theory that you have some control over the lightning via the d-pad. However, it still seems really random.
  c. Creepy Caves: The ghost barrels that I must wait for the correct direction to continue are sometimes in the ideal direction when I first arrive. I doubt this is from time because I ran the stage the same way every time. If you played it until each barrel was perfect then a lot of time could be saved, perhaps 20 seconds or so.

Misc. Notes:

1. Criss Kross Cliffs is a really weird level. I don't think RARE's QA finished it...there are many times where a red Buzz is supposed to block the flow of barrels but if you go up they just keep coming. This may be reflected in DKC3's weird habit of "if it's not on the screen, it doesn't exist!" Also, after the final bonus I go to the right and then back to the left. I DID NOT GET CONFUSED AND MESS UP! You must go to the right so you see the barrels come up. If you don't and simply continue there will be no barrels to bounce off of and thus you will be stuck. Like I said, weird level...
2. Time only elapses in stages and banana bird caves.
3. Press up while throwing a barrel to make it go an initially short distance and roll slower than normal.
4. I really like the new RANK + STATUS SCREEN when I finished the game. I was not expecting it.
5. The first ending is obscenely long. I have to show it though because you know, I might cheat somehow if I don't. Plus I get a banana bird and save afterwards

Riverside Race 54.70 by Brad Cutler.

File details: 5.08 MB size, requires DivX codec.

Author's comments:

At first I was just playing this level out of boredom, seeing how close I could come to the Twin Galaxies record of about 59.6. I kept improving by the second, finding tons of timesavers such as roll-jumping, entering the first bonus to save almost one full second, and knowing when to roll into enemies and time my bouncing into the water. Major props to Josiah who helped me a ton with my strategy. This incredibly fast finishes beats Brash (the bear) by over 20 seconds! Enjoy!
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