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It was a dark and stormy night (man, that is CORNY ^_^), and Diddy Kong was
in charge of guarding Donkey Kongs infamous Giant Banana Hoard.  Diddy was
thoroughly wet, and thoroughly disgusted he was duped into taking this post
for the night.  He thought back to the events that unfolded earlier that

DONKEY KONG: Remember little buddy, I am counting on you to guard the
             bananas from those evil Kremlings.  I think you are ready to go
             it alone.

This was said by Donkey Kong as he looked out the window at the approaching
storm.  Even though he kind of knew he was being manipulated, decided to
prove to Donkey Kong that he too could, should, and would be a future gaming
hero like his big buddy.

DIDDY KONG : No problem DK!  Those Krems will not step within a mile of that
             cave if they know what's good for them!

DONKEY KONG: Okay little buddy, but remember to alert me if they do show,
             because those Kremlings will stop at nothing when they commit
             to something.

DIDDY KONG : Okay DK, but you will not hear a peep from me.

Diddy was really starting to regret the accepting of his mission, when a
bright, jagged lightning bolt ripped through the sky, lighting up the
soaking wet canopy of the jungle.  It also lit up the approaching forces of
King K. Rool, leader of the evil Kremlings!

DIDDY KONG : Stop right there!  I will not allow you to take these bananas,
             and if you do try, I will stop you!

The Kremlings seemed to hiss an evil laugh, and that was enough for Diddy to
spring into action.  He used his signature Cartwheel Attack to enter into
the fray, and despite taking a lot of Kremlings down, he was too badly
outnumbered.  He was beaten senseless, and just before he lost consciousness,
he was sealed into a barrel, and was booted into the jungle where he rolled
to a stop just as he finally passed out.


Donkey Kong awoke to a sunny morning, and he got up to his usual optimistic
mood.  He did feel a little guilty about leaving poor Diddy out guarding the
hoard, and decided to look in on him before grabbing some breakfast.  He
headed out the door of his treehouse with his usual bravado, and jumping
down past every step to land with a loud THUD!  He then noticed three things
that alarmed him: Bananas strewn all over the ground heading into the thick
foliage of the Jungle, Kremling footprints everywhere, and no sign of his
sidekick Diddy!!!  He ran into the cave designated for his Banana Hoard, and
his worst nightmares were realized as he entered to see nothing but cave
walls in every direction.  He dropped to one knee in disbelief, and right
then he heard a rusty old voice come from behind him say...

CRANKY KONG: Yep, they took all of your bananas from ya, and they appear to
             have got your little buddy too!  The way you guys always hung
             out in here, counting, playing, and eating your time away, it
             was a small wonder it took them this long to take it from ya!

DONKEY KONG: Go away Cranky, I am not in the mood for your games right

CRANKY KONG: Games, ha!  When I was your age, I was a real star, and not
             some glorified wannabe!"

DONKEY KONG: I am as good as you ever were!  I am even better than you, and
             I will prove it to you by recovering my lost Banana Hoard, and
             I will rescue Diddy!"

With that, Donkey Kong made a beeline into the underbrush, following the
path of bananas left by the fleeing Kremlings.  Cranky Kong just shook his
head, and mumbled to himself...

CRANKY KONG: Tsk, tsk, tsk.  That boy may have bravery, and he may be
             skilled, but he is no match for this enemy by himself!  I
             better follow him to make sure he does all right!

With that, Cranky Kong headed off into the bush to make sure his Son does
not get himself into any more trouble...

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