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Walktrough : 8. The Lost World

8. The Lost World

  2005.07.11. 15:57

Section 9: The Lost World

If you restart your game, you will be back at Kaos Core.  Leave that world and
head over to where Bramble resides.  A flower of his kind has grown.  Walk over
to it, and then enter Bramble's house.  Give him the flower for another Banana
Bird (BB: 12).  Next, go to the circle of rocks to the right of Mekanos.  Go
clockwise around the stones to open up Krematoa.  It might take a while.
Once you enter, visit Boomer in his bomb shelter.  Pay him the Bonus Coins he
asks and you can get up to four explosives, depending on how many Bonus Coins
you have.  To get the fifth explosive, you must complete all of the bonus
areas, including the ones in this world.  Once you have bought all of the
explosives you can, save at Wrinkly's.

Note: Before we enter the next stage, let me tell you that the way it will be
described will be different than the other stages (except Rocket Rush).  Don't
worry; it will cover the stuff it usually covers, like Bonus Areas.


Get your buddy if you need to and look above you.  There are two bonus
barrels.  One will take you to a 45-second Squawks banana stage, and the other
takes you to a 40-second Squitter banana stage.  Squitter's stage is like the
first bonus stage in Krack-Shot Crock, only there is a pit above where the
bananas are.  Squawks's stage has red Buzzes, so they can't be shot down.  When
both are beaten, switch to Dixie and glide right to the Ellie barrel.
When you turn into Ellie, pick up Perry in the crate.  EMU users should save
RIGHT NOW!  Jump in the barrel to the right, and you will land to the right of
three Sneeks.  Ellie will be so scared that he will run to the other side, and
run he will.  You must jump over your foes (or jump on them if they are Krimps)
and not fall in any pits.  Also, be careful of Perry.  Don't lose him, for he
is useful later.  Krimps, Bristtles, and the twins Kuff 'n Klout are in your
way for the low road, while the Buzzes up top will try to stop Perry above.  If
you make it to the other barrel, you made it.
If you are using the EMU version and have Perry at the end of the sprint, save
the state before doing anything else.  If you have Perry, walk to the No Perry
sign to enter Bonus Barrel # 3.  You have 40 seconds to get the bananas, but
they are too high for you to reach.  Fortunately, Perry is in a crate to the
right, and can get those bananas.  However, if he hits the red Buzz in the
center of the playing field, you are out.
After that bonus area, walk pass the No Ellie sign to get your keg barrel.
Bring it past the goal and when you see Koin, throw the barrel behind him.  If
you mess up, too bad.  Get to the goal for a cog.
If you guys who are reading this FAQ don't like the style I did for Stampede
Sprint, please email me.  If I get enough requests, I will change the format to
make it like all of the others.
If you can't access the next stage, that means you don't have enough Bonus
Coins.  Get some more from the earlier stages to access it.  We are heading
back to the mountainside.


The K above you requires both Kongs, so if you don't have both, then you have
to get your partner up above.  And how do you do that?  You just bounce on the
keg barrels Bazuka keeps shooting upwards.  While you may not see Bazuka, I
believe he is there.  Barrel changers are also around this level to change the
keg barrels to TNT barrels.  Sometimes that is necessary to use them to stop
the red Buzzes.  Klasp also makes a return here, and will go faster, except for
the last one.  One more note I should address: while the G is right after the
N, don't expect the end of the stage to come like (snap) that.  You still have
some more work.

Bonus Areas:

1. It is to the right of the two red Buzzes.  Time your leap over them.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

Bazuka is visible this time, and he shoots TNT's in the middle of the arena.
When you have to cross, be extra careful.

2. After the halfway barrel you will see a large open space.  The bonus barrel
is on the right side.  Team-up to reach the barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

Use Bazuka's keg barrels to propel you to the Knik-Knaks.  This is the final
"Bash the Baddies" stage.

Koin's Location:

When you see the first barrel changer after the halfway barrel, hit it and go
down.  The red Buzz should soon be gone with those TNT's hitting him.  Go back
to the barrel changer to change it back to keg barrels.  Return to where Buzz
was, and go in the opening by him by hopping on the barrels.  You will see it
soon enough.  Defeat Koin the normal way.
I hope you have plenty of lives in stock for the next stage.  If you don't
have at least 30, then get at least 30.  When you think you are ready, enter
the next stage.


This stage is the home of Kuff 'n Klout, the twins who you will see throughout
this stage.  They are so powerful that you alone can't beat at least one of the
twins.  Defense is the key here.

Bonus Areas:

1.  Before the No Squitter sign is a small gap.  Team-up to get in the gap and
in the bonus barrel.  If you are in Koin's area (more below), you can just go
over Bazuka and fall in the pit to his right.  It takes you to the same barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 40

If you are Squitter, you can shoot the twins first and ask questions later.
If you are the Kongs, you will just have to wing it.

2.  This one will take a while to explain, and I don't think ASCII will help,
so just here me out.  After the halfway barrel and before the N, there is a gap
in the ceiling.  Team-up to it to enter a rotating manual barrel.  Fire out of
the barrel upwards when you see Kuff 'n Klout go on the right side.  Get the
TNT barrel on the left side, and use it on one of the twins.  The other will
run off the ledge.  EMU users should save their state right now if they have
both Kongs.  Now, head to the other side.  A bonus barrel is guarded by two red
Buzzes.  Team-up and carefully throw Dixie in the barrel.  This takes practice.

Kind: Find
Time: 35

There are two sets of fast-running twins, and three safe spots for jumping.
The middle spot is dangerous because both sets of twins can hit you.  Time your
jumps right and you will succeed.

3. It is behind the goal.  The lone banana is really a bonus barrel.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 50

The twins jump extra fast in this stage.  The best advice is to follow their
lead.  If you miss a few bananas, it's okay.  You do have 50 seconds, which
makes this the 2nd "longest" stage, time-wise.

Koin's Location:

To the left of Bonus Barrel # 1 is a bigger gap.  Get up there with Squitter,
and you will see Koin.  Get on him, and you will Bazuka shooting keg barrels at
the wall.  Shoot web bridges so that the keg barrels travel on them to hit
If you got everything so far, then you are unbelievable.  Before you enter the
next stage, answer this question.  Do you remember Swoopy?  In case you don't,
they are birds who spear the trees so they can be used as stepping-stones.
However, now they do more than that.


You start this stage as Squawks.  At first the stage seems easy, until you see
Swoopy.  This time they aren't spearing trees, but they are flying in patterns,
and you don't want to be caught in one.  The next half of the stage puts you on
foot, and to get past some obstacles, you have to jump on some Swoopies.  I
hope you have a lot of lives.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the K, you will be in a tree.  Dive down to find the barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

The final "Find the Coin" stage makes you become the Kongs again.  Provoke
each Swoopy to spear the trees, and roll jump to each one.  If you are fast
enough, you will make it.

2. There is a large open space in between trees after the 2nd set of Swoopies.
Fly to the top, and shoot the Swoopies to get in the tree.  When you break in,
you will see two red Buzzes circling around a lone banana very fast.  Get that
banana from above the circle for best results.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 45

This is the final "Grab 15 Bananas" stage, and Squawks has the honor to get
the final 15.  Provided, of course, if the single Swoopy doesn't spear you.

3. When you are the Kongs, soon you will go from a tree to the left to a tree
to the right.  Swoopies come from the top of the screen to the opening you must
go through.  At first, follow the Swoopies.  Before you enter the opening, turn
around and bounce on the Swoopies to the barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many stars: 20

The final "Get XX Stars" is too easy.  Just use team-up tactics in the small

Koin's Location:

Take the path to Bonus Barrel # 2.  When you get to the No Squawks sign, a keg
barrel will appear.  Throw the barrel from where the barrel stood and Koin
should get it.
To enter the final Lost World stage, you must have 25 Bonus Coins instead of
15.  You must complete every bonus area to buy the explosive that will allow
you to enter the final stage.  The next stage will be done in the Stampede
Sprint style, so if you don't (or do) like it, please email me afterwards.


This is the only stage where you if you enter without the other Kong, you
don't need him/her.  The DK barrel is there, but not necessary for this stage.
A rocket barrel is also right there.  No, this isn't the one like in Rocket
Barrel Ride; this is a real rocket ship.  Hop in to begin the stage.
The controls are like Poisonous Pipeline; left is right, and right is left.
You can use the thrusters to stop the red Buzzes.  Remember to collect fuel,
and try not to hit the canyon walls.  If you land on a steep part, the rocket
will collapse, and you lose a life.  Just take it easy.
When you reach the halfway barrel, you will hit what looks like a flame
barrel.  Now your rocket is going upwards at a fast rate.  If you hit the
walls, you will bounce off and lose time.  Fuel is burned fast, and you can't
recharge fuel along this stretch.  If you make it to the top, you will see
Koin.  Get the barrel (it's near the goal, which is to the right), and throw it
above Koin.  Get the DK Coin Koin leaves behind, and get the final cog.
Now that you have the final cog, go to Boomer's and place it in the machine.
Krematoa will become hotter than ever, and K. Rool's super secret submarine,
Knautilus, is exposed.  Go in there to face K. Rool again.  For the secrets on
how to beat him here, go to the Bosses section of this FAQ.  (Note:  That is
the last time I have to say that.)
Once he is done, check your DK Coin Status.  You should have all of the DK
Coins now. If you don't have all of them, get them.  When you have all 41, head
to Funky's Rentals.  He will give you the Gyrocopter.  With this vehicle, you
can get the remaining banana birds (if you win Simon Says, of course).  One is
in the northeastern part of the over world map, to the east of Kaos Core.
Another is to the west of K3.  Find an island in the water and enter its cave.
The final one is south of Bazaar's General Store.  The cave is on the cliff
side.  Once you have those final three, save at Wrinkly's.  Yes, EMU users, you
too.  Instead of saving, ending two will begin.
The banana birds will take you to their mother in the sky, and will break a
spell on the mother banana bird.  The mom will thank you, and repay you by
teaching K. Rool a lesson he won't forget.  K. Rool, though, has taken the
hovercraft, and you follow.  Soon, he will be caught in an egg, and Cranky is
trying to do water skiing in the background.  He messes up the fourth try, and
will come to the foreground with a "The End" sign above his head.  You will
then see if you are the "Immortal Monkey".  You might end up as Top Banana or
Cool Kong instead.  That's the end of the main description.


Belcha's Barn: Boss of Lake Orangutanga.  You have to make Belcha "belch" his
way to the right.  First, jump on the barrels that come out of his mouth.  A
bug will come out of it.  Jump on the bug to flip him over, then shoot him in
Belcha's mouth.  He will belch backwards.  Each time you destroy a barrel, he
comes forward a bit, but when he belches, he goes backwards farther than his
forward jumps.  Remember:  The only ways to die are to either run into the
beetles, or falling in the pit on the left side of the screen.  Beat him for a
Bonus Coin.

Arich's Ambush: Boss of Kremwood Forest.  Since Dixie is more valuable than
Kiddy, use Kiddy first (if you use Dixie first and she dies, you might have a
harder time).  Time your jumps on Arich's back, get his barrel, and let him
come down to you.  As long as you are holding the barrel, and Arich's head is
above the barrel, he will be hit.  Now you have to go on Arich's back to get
the regenerating barrel on the high branch.  When you get it, get down to avoid
his green pellet.  Hit Arich like you did before (let him come down to the
barrel).  Now, he will start to shoot three green pellets down to you.  You
have two choices.  One is to hide below the low branches so you won't get hit.
The other is to team-up and throw Dixie on Arich's back.  When you get the
barrel, go down under the branches because he'll shoot again.  After the three,
hit him.  One more hit is needed.  He will shoot five pellets now, and the
final two are more sideways than down.  Take extra care when getting the barrel
and delivering the final hit.  When you do that, you won't get a bonus coin,
but you will get a patch.

Squirt's Showdown: You will be Ellie for this fight.  Also, it might be helpful
to turn off sprite 2 if you are using the emulator version.  Quickly soak up
water from the waterfall before Squirt squirts out water.  The water doesn't
kill you outright, but can push you so you fall in the bottomless pit.  When
you know which way the water is going, say clockwise, then go right, then down
and around.  There are platforms down below you, so don't worry about this boss
being impossible.  After one lap of water dodging, his eyes will open up and
come to the foreground.  Shoot each eye twice to do damage.  After your attempt
on both eyes, refill, and repeat.  If you did hit both eyes twice, he will be
madder.  For the remainder of the time, it is now two laps of water dodging for
you.  Again, shoot the eyes when they come out.  Shut both eyes successfully
twice and you will get one ski.

KAOS: This is your first meeting with KAOS; you will see him later.  For the
first battle, after his conversation is finished, roll under the fire and hope
he doesn't fire an extra burst.  After you avoid the fire four times, platforms
will come from KAOS.  Quickly jump on them to land on KAOS's head.  Repeat that
two more times, and his cap will fly off.  Don't worry yet; just him the way
you did the first three times.  After the 4th hit, he will use his cap to his
advantage.  Run around the area, and don't stop so the lasers don't hit you.
KAOS will come down to the center after a few lasers.  Hit him again, using the
platforms from KAOS.  Do that again, and you will get the other ski.  Go see

Bleak: EMU users should turn off sprites 1 & 2 so the background won't mess up.
I hope you have been playing against Cranky at Swanky's Sideshow, for this is
your test.  Bleak will throw snowballs at you, and you must do the same.  Press
up and Y to throw in the background, and down and Y to throw in the foreground.
After you hit him two times, he will come into the fore ground and start to
shoot snowballs from his hat.  Avoid them, and when it is all clear, hit him.
After two rounds of that, he will behave like he did for the first two times,
only he throws two snowballs, then moves to another part.  Tag him fast.  For
the final hit, you must wait for the big snowball blast to be over before you
can get Bleak.  After that, a Bonus Coin will be your reward.

Barbos: Enguarde is your main man (I mean swordfish).  Barbos has three phases.
For the first phase, he will have two purple Lurchins surrounding him, and
whole schools of green Lurchins start to come.  Hit the green Lurchins, and
hope they bounce back to the purple Lurchins.  When both are gone, hit Barbos
when his shell isn't covering his face (time the sword attack).  When Barbos
goes down, follow him to start phase two.  The two purple Lurchins are back,
but instead of green Lurchins, you will face homing missiles.  They follow you
slowly, mainly on the turns, but when they turn yellow, they go straight in
whatever direction they are in.  Make it so that the missile is aimed for a
Lurchin, and move out of the way.  After the two are gone, hit Barbos again.
Go down after the hit for the final phase.  Barbos will start to shoot spikes
at you.  Stay in the lower right or left corner, and move up or down when
needed.  Hit him when he stops shooting.  Two more hits after that should cough
up another Bonus Koin.

KAOS #2:  KAOS is back, but he is easier.  For the first hit, go to the right
side for a barrel, and throw it at KAOS's head.  Hit it right and another head
will take its place.  Wait until KAOS is done shooting and rises up a little
before you go for the barrel on the left side.  Throw the barrel just right &
KAOS is nothing but junk.  However, that's not all folks.  Check behind the
curtains and see the real boss...

Baron K. Roolenstien: K. Rool is back, and badder than ever.  K. Rool takes
nine hits before he goes down.  K. Rool has four phases in this battle, & ASCII
will be done for all four phases, though K. Rool won't be shown in them.

Phase one: You must use the hooks to allow a barrel to come down.  It can't hit
K. Rool.  Get to the floor, and duck under K. Rool.  Bring (or throw) the
barrel to his back, and he takes damage.  Watch out for his nails!  K. Rool
stays on the ground, be you can duck under him.  For this ASCII, each "O" shows
an orb you can stand on & each "H" shows where each hook is.

|    H         H      |
|    H         H      |
|                     |
|                     |

Phase two: Hopefully, you haven't lost Dixie.  If you haven't, switch to Kiddy.
Anyway, after the 2nd hit, get to the right side and jump on the platform that
comes out.  The entire floor (including the orbs) is now electrified.  At this
point EMU users should turn off sprite two to see the electricity.  K. Rool
goes from the left side to just before the platform you are on, so the platform
is a safe spot.  However, you must travel across the hooks to get to the 4th
hook.  Pulling that triggers the barrel.  Get back across while avoiding K.
Rool, and throw the barrel at him when his back is turned.  For this ASCII, "h"
is the hook you must pull, each "H" shows the other hooks' location, "P" is the
stationary platform that is the only safe spot, and "E" is the electrified

|    h   H    H    H   |
|        H    H    H   |
|                      |
|                     P|

Phase three: If you've landed those two hits, get to the platform.  K. Rool
will move the platform to the left, and you don't want a shock treatment down
on the floor.  There is only one hook, and to get it, you need the help of a
moving platform.  While on this platform, duck when K. Rool is about to pass
you.  Jump on the hook, then get back on the platform.  If you are Dixie, you
can glide left when K. Rool is about to come to you.  Tag K. Rool two times to
move to the final phase.  For the ASCII, "P", "h", and "E" are the same.  Each
"p" next to each other shows the moving platform's trajectory.

|               h     |
|                     |
|                     |
|P  pppppppppppppp    |

Final phase: Only three more hits to go!  This one has the hook positions from
phase one and the stationary platform positions of phases two and three.  This
time, though, the electricity alternates between on and off.  K. Rool flies
above the floor in between the two platforms.  Pull the correct switch to bring
the barrel to the floor, but do so when the electricity is off and you can get
to safety on the platforms in time.  Throw the barrel at K. Rool's back, and
he'll get shocked soon.  Three shockers gives you a Bonus Coin and ending one.
For the ASCII, "H" & "P" are used, but "A" will be the electricity alternating
between on and off.

|    H         H      |
|    H         H      |
|                     |
|P                   P|

K. Rool #2: Again, EMU people should turn off sprite 2.  K. Rool takes 10 hits
this time, but don't worry.  ASCII won't be needed here.  K. Rool has 6 phases,
but most are similar to each, so don't worry.

Phase one: The top orbs will become electrified, and electricity flows in
between them, so you can't jump.  Fireballs will come into the foreground.
Avoid all seven and a keg barrel will appear.  The electricity will go away as
well.  You must throw the barrel into the hole above you and time the throw so
it hits K. Rool in the background.  A good time to throw it is when he is
approaching the center.

Phase two: After the initial hit, K. Rool comes into the foreground.  The only
safe spots are the orbs; there is no electricity in them.  Throw the barrel at
K. Rool's back two times.

Phase three: This is exactly like phase one.  Hit K. Rool two times to advance
to the next phase.

Phase four: The floor you are on moves back and forth, but still, it is really
the same thing.  Hit him once.

Phase five: Time for the tough part.  K. Rool will come to the foreground for
the final four hits.  A keg barrel will soon come; leave it there.  The
electricity will be back for the upper orbs, while a "lightning bolt" will
travel on the path you are on.  Get to the other side of the barrel and it will
absorb the electricity.  Now, hit K. Rool's back with the keg barrel.  You
might only get one try.  If you miss and the barrel rolls along the floor, pick
it up and set it down.  If you hit or miss the back, but bounces off K. Rool,
then you must wait for the barrel to regenerate.  Two hits here sends you to
the final phase.

Final phase: The floor will move again, but use the same strategy as phase
five.  Two more hits and you will get a DK Coin, but you won't see Ending 2
(yet).  To find out how to access the 2nd ending, return to the Lost World
section of the FAQ.

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