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Walktrough : 7. Kaos Core

7. Kaos Core

  2005.07.11. 15:55

World 7: KAOS CORE

A lot of industries have conveyor belts.  The next stage doesn't have conveyor
belts, & it's not in an industry, but it has the next best thing.

This part of the jungle has ropes that move you from place to place.  However,
the Buzzes guard these precious ropes, so stay on your guard.

Bonus Areas:

1. The barrel is under the second rope after the K.  It is easy to reach.

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many stars: 30

If you miss any stars while traveling right across the rope, you have to keep
jumping to the left to get them.

2. Late in the stage (after the N) will be two Buzzes rotating clockwise around
three bananas.  Get on the rope before them, then jump up and left.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

The bottom rope moves you to the right; the top one goes to the left.
Remember that.

Koin's Location:

After you get on the rope past the G, go down to where Koin is.  You can
defeat him the normal way.
Do you believe in ghosts?  I don't.  However, spirits are in the next stage,
but they aren't in the form of a ghost.


Kiddy is the main choice in this stage.  Krumple is back from the waterfall
stages, and in case you didn't figure it out already, he won't feel a thing
that Dixie gives them (except for a barrel).  The real trick-or-treaters,
though, are ghost barrels.  They appear, then disappear.  Sometimes, they can
change the direction they face.  For example, they could one second fire you
upwards, and in the next could fire you to the left.  Be afraid...I meant, be

Bonus Areas:

1. When you are shot to one of the automatic barrels past the O, you go be
blasted to the right.  However, there is also a path to the left.  Roll jump
under the automatic barrel, then team-up to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 40
How many stars: 50

The ghost barrel will change its direction quickly.  Time your jumps into it
so you can get the high stars.

2. After the continue barrel, you will see a path upwards past the automatic
barrel.  If you are riding Squitter, build web bridges upwards, but watch out
for reappearing ghost barrels.  They will shoot you to the ground.

Kind: Find
Time: 30

It is best to stay low.  The ghost barrels will come, but if you go at a
steady pace and avoid the barrels, you will avoid them.

Koin's Location:

A keg barrel is in plain sight.  To get Koin this time, use the Rocket Barrel
Ride strategy: throw the barrel over the red Buzz, then get in the ghost
barrel.  When you land after your blastoff, jump again to make sure Koin gets
Whenever you see Baffle, he will complain that he can't figure out the code he
is breaking.  If he mentions something about a mirror (sometimes he won't),
then head back to Barter and give him 10 coins for the mirror back.  Bring the
mirror to Baffle, and he will tell you the code, which is something like this:

To open up a secret gate,
Perform at the rocks a figure eight.

Even if you can't get the mirror back from Barter, you can still open the
gate.  Just do figure 8's around the rocks to open the Sewer Stockpile.
Complete Simon Says there for another Banana Bird (BB: 11).
As you probably know, if you treat nature with respect, it will give you the
same treatment.  This time, it doesn't work that way.


Someone has messed with Mother Nature (maybe the final boss), and Mom doesn't
know who did it.  So, she decides to zap anyone who is living.  Note that Mom
can't zap red Buzzes with her lightning, but she can zap everyone else around
here, like you.  You should remember this rule of thumb, while you are at it:
do not swim in water when there is a storm.  While sometimes you have to take a
quick dip, don't stay in there to long.  The quicker this stage is done, the

Bonus Areas:

1. At the O, take a dip in the pool below to get to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

The good news: no lightning.  The bad: about 8-10 Knik-Knaks.

2. Before the G there is a floating Bonus Barrel above three barrels in water.
Team-up to reach it.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

Mom is back, so keep moving.  Also, I should have mentioned this before, but I
forgot.  Lightning can strike the same place twice.

Koin's Location:

Before the continue barrel are two Booty Birds, a red Buzz, and Koin,
respectively.  First of all, let Mother Nature destroy the Booty Bird with
lightning.  Use the barrel the Booty Bird gave you to destroy the 2nd Booty
Bird for a keg barrel.  Throw the barrel behind Koin, and hope Mom doesn't
destroy it.
You have seen many different types of the same enemy.  However, there is one
enemy that you have seen throughout your travels.  To find out what that is,
read the next stage description-or look at the name of the next stage.


You have looked at the title?  Good.  The answer is Koin.  Koin's kousins are
spread throughout the jungle, donning pink.  They chase you until either you
are directly above them, or they are at the edge of the platform.  With all of
this confusion, Dixie is the character of choice.  If you lose her, say
good-bye to a life (unless you are a great Kiddy player).  You must maintain
your balance on Koin's kousins to pass this stage.

Bonus Areas:

1. Before the continue barrel is a Bazuka.  The barrel is directly above him.

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many stars: 30

Like I said, maintain your balance.

2. The next barrel is after the N.  Either team-up to it or jump on Re-Koil for
extra "ummph".

Kind: Bananas
Time: 40

Maintain your balance.  'Nuff said.

Koin's Location (the green one):

A 2nd Bazuka is shooting regular barrels at Koin.  A barrel changer is above
Bazuka.  If you are Kiddy, hit the changer and hope you bounce on a barrel to
get on land.  If you are Dixie, you can glide to land.  Now that you are on
land, get to the left of Koin.
I said there were three sewer levels in the game.  You have seen two sewer
levels already.  The next one is coming up.  EMU users should turn off sprite 2
so fog won't occur on screen.


When you get in the water, be prepared to think backwards.  Left will be
right, and right will be left.  The rest of the controls are the same in the
water, however.  The only good thing is that Buzz won't be seen for a while.
To win, think backwards.

Bonus Areas:

Note: ASCII will be done to show you where each bonus stage is.

1. The first one is after the K.  "B" is the bonus barrel, "L" shows each
Lurchin's location, & each "F" next to each other shows the path a fast fish
will take.

|     L     +
|           +
|B  FFFFF   +
|           +
|_____L    _+

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

You will turn into Enguarde if you aren't already.  However, if you keep on
spearing, you will make it with five seconds to spare.

2. This part is before the G.  You are coming from below (where the plus signs
are) and you want to take the left path.  "L" is still the same.  However,
since there are two fish (moving very slowly) in between the Lurchins, each
fish will have an "S" next to each other to show each fish's path.  Note that
you still have to avoid some more Lurchins before you get to the barrel.

+         L      |
+                |
+         SSSSSS |
+    SSSSSS      |
+                |
+_________L__    |

Kind: Stars
Time: 25
How many stars: 30

Remember that left is right, and right is left.

Koin's Location:

If you found the G, go up.  If you found the goal, go left into the water.
Koin and the keg barrel are there in plain sight.  To get Koin's Coin, hold the
barrel and jump on Koin.  Jump slightly and throw the barrel to the right wall.
Whatever you do, save before continuing.  You did that?  Good.  Do you have at
least 30 lives?  If not, get that amount, and maybe more.  Now is the time to
challenge KAOS for the final time.  Beat him and you have to challenge a
"mystery" boss.  You should know who he is though.  Beat him to get another
Bonus Coin and Ending one.  However, you aren't done yet.  The next section is
all about the Lost World, Krematoa.

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