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Walktrough : 6. Razor Ridge

6. Razor Ridge

  2005.07.11. 15:53


You should remember Low-G Labyrinth very well.  Well, some of the characters
are back in the next stage.  Besides both kinds of Buzzes, what else do you
think is here?


The only way to advance through the stage is to turn into Squawks.  However,
you can only have the purple one.  He can still pick up barrels, but these
regenerate.  This is where you will see Kopter (a Kremling with a helmet and
spinning blades) for the first time.  He can either move up and down, or he
will come down from one section and go to another one.  That happens late in
the stage.  There are more red Buzzes here than green Buzzes, so be extra

Bonus Areas:

1. When you see the 2nd Kopter past the K (hidden by a Booty Bird), don't go
down.  Instead, go right when it is safe.  Use the barrel on the green Buzz,
avoid the rest, and go down fast.

Kind: Bash
Time: 55

This is the "longest" bonus stage, time wise.  You have to stop seven green
Buzzes with one regenerating barrel.  The hardest ones are the three in a
circle above you.  Stay on the left side to avoid being attacked.  The Bonus
Coin is at the bottom right.

2. When you change back, one Kopter will swoop from one section to another.
You can bounce on Kopter's head, but he won't die; he'll just slow down a
little.  If you bounce on him in the right side, you'll get a blue balloon, but
it's the left side that holds the bonus barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 30
How many stars: 40

You have to bounce on Kopter to get the high stars.  Just don't hit the

Koin's Location:

Koin is in plain sight, but the barrel is above you.  To get up there, fly up
and left, and get in the path of the two Kopters that are coming down.  Fly up
with them, and when you can go right, do so.  First, use the keg barrel to stop
the two green Buzzes on the right side, then bring the barrel to Koin.
You should save now at Wrinkly's Save Cave.  Now you have to ride Benny's
chair lifts.  Don't worry, you don't have to pay.  He will mention about
Bjorn's broken chair lift, that it needs fixing.  Just ride Benny's, and you
will enter the next stage.  And, in the interest of fairness, here is a hint
for the stage right now.  "Move at a steady pace".


This is the third stage with forced scrolling.  Unlike the toboggan stages,
you control your speed, so if you aren't fast enough, the fire coming from the
bottom of the rope will burn your butt.  If you miss the fire, you will just
fall to your death.  The only enemies are Kopter and Buzz, and you can't kill
them any way this time.  Sorry.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you pass the first two Buzzes on the 2nd rope, you have two options.
You can either jump up and right on the cliff to your right, or if you are
Dixie, glide to the right when you see the bananas.  They take you to the same

Kind: Find
Time: 15

The rope will burn faster, but don't rush too fast.  Jump in the arrow barrels
at the right time to avoid the Buzzes.

2. After the N, you will see a group of three Buzzes.  After the group, jump
towards the bananas when you see them.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

This time you must avoid the Kopters.  Every time you avoid one, get to the
side it was on.  The sequence of Kopters is right, left, right, left, right,
left, right.

Koin's Location:

When you are at the end or your rope (literally), jump off to the left at the
highest point.  Throw the keg barrel from where you stand for a hit, and then
come down for a DK Coin.
If you didn't get everything from there on your first try, then good luck
going for it again.  Now you can see Bjorn.  If you have the wrench, you can
fix his chair lifts and try to win another banana bird if you win Simon Says
(BB: 10).  Now, the final main swimming stage is coming up.


EMU users: good news and bad.  The good news is that the entire stage (color
wise) is given a makeover, so you can see everything.  The bad is you must turn
off sprite 1.  If you aren't using the EMU version, then you have to light your
way by poking the yellow fish (called Gleamin' Bream).  Yes, you will be using
Enguarde for this level.  There are many Lurchins here as well, so practice
poking them.  You will face their father later.

Bonus Areas:

Note:  ASCII will be done to show where each bonus barrel is.

1. You will be in a vertical shaft like in the ASCII below.  The "F's" next to
each other show each Kocos' path, and "B" is the bonus barrel.


Kind: Stars
Time: 30
How many stars: 90

You have to do better than three stars per second to win here.

2. This bonus barrel is before the G.  Here, the "L's" next to each other show
each Lurchins' path.  "B" is the bonus barrel, while "b" is each banana.
|XXX\  |XX|
|XXX|  |XX|
|XXX|  |XX|
|XXX|  |XX|
|XXX|  |XX|
+         +
+         +

Now, you might think it is impossible to access the stage with the Lurchins
blocking the path.  However, when they are about at the intersection, you can
spear them & they'll be gone.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 40

You just have to follow the path here.
A lot of you have played Donkey Kong Country 2, I believe.  One of those
stages was in the Lost World, and it was called Animal Antics.  If you remember
that stage, you will have some idea of what to expect.


This stage is the equivalent of Animal Antics in DKC2.  You will play as
certain animal buddies, but this time, you ride on all of them.  This stage is
divided into four parts.

Part One: You start off with Squawks, who is at first in his floating crate.
This one is the green kind, so you can shoot eggs like crazy.  You have to
watch out for the purple barrels here (called Kuchuka).  The Kuchukas throw
bombs at certain locations in the stage.  Squawks will leave you when you touch
the water, where the O is.

Part Two: When Squawks leaves you, swim to the right and ride on Enguarde.  You
will have to deal with your aquatic adversaries here.  Just poke them when you
have the chance.  When you reach the end of Enguarde's portion, dismount him
(press X) to get the halfway barrel.

Part Three: Ellie's crate is below the halfway barrel.  Kopter will become a
major player here, but you can jump on his head.  When you reach the water, you
can go left or right.  Go left for the N, and then go right.  An automatic
barrel will blast you to the fourth part.  If you are still riding Ellie, jump
up to it, and then dismount.  If you aren't, team-up to reach it (there is a DK
barrel there).

Part Four: Squitter's portion is short.  The hardest part here is getting the
G.  Just launch a web bridge over the red Buzz, and avoid Kopter while you are
doing that.  When you reach the No Squitter sign, the goal is to the right.

Bonus Areas:

1. The first one is above the N.  If you are riding Ellie, jump up, and then

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 20

Jump up, dismount, get the stars, land on Ellie, repeat.

2. Before the No Squitter sign, build web bridges straight up.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

Kuchuka will throw bombs near the right side of the area.  Seek refuge on the
left side or the extreme right.

Koin's Location:

After the No Squitter sign, team-up to a cliff above you to see Koin.  Team-up
again to reach the barrel.  The rest is up to you.
I have some good news and bad news.  The good news is that the next cliff
stage only has one type of enemy (beside Koin).  The bad news is that the
enemies are Buzzes.  Both kinds are here tonight.


Buzzes are aplenty in this stage.  Before you pass each section of Buzzes,
note the patterns.  Some will be used later, so pay attention.  Somewhere
before the continue barrel will be a stationary red Buzz on the rope below you
and a fast vertically moving green Buzz.  To the other side is a hidden banana
bunch and bear coin, but the green Buzz comes quickly, so I don't recommend
going for those treats.
Later on, you will meet Perry again.  Perry makes it extra challenging because
you have to watch both his and your butts for Buzzes.  But get past that
obstacle and the reward will be very rewarding.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you get to the TNT barrel, pick it up and hold it.  Jump to the right
and you will bust open the door to the bonus barrel.  You can also get a bear
coin on this jump if you time it right.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Avoid the Buzzes, really.

2. Bring Perry to the No Perry sign and he will turn into a bonus barrel.
Because it came from Perry, you only get one chance.  EMU users should save
before entering.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 40

Two green Buzzes circle clockwise around the middle, and the bananas can be on
either side.  If you can avoid the Buzzes and move quickly, you'll do fine.

Koin's Location:

After the continue barrel, you will find the following items on a rope: buzz,
banana, banana, buzz, banana, banana, buzz.  Drop down to the floor.  I'm not
kidding.  A Koin and a keg barrel will be there.  Defeat him the normal way.  A
barrel will blast you back on the rope.
While I said that there are three main swimming stages, I never said anything
about boss stages.  The next boss is in the water.  It is the Lurchin's father.
To learn how to beat him, go to the Bosses section on my FAQ.  Once he is
taken care of & you get back to the main map screen, part of the cliff will
explode, revealing the location to the seventh world.  Enter it.

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