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Walktrough : 5. K3

5. K3

  2005.07.11. 15:52

World 5: K3

While I just said that K3 is a snow world, it isn't fully true.  Your first
challenge is to get through some mean cliffs.  However, old friends (or fiends,
if you will) are back...


Take three guesses on who is back.  You took them?  Good.  If you said Buzz
(either color) as one of your choices, you would get second place.  The enemy I
am looking for is Klasp.  This time, they are taking a new strategy, by
following you around each horizontal rope.  Adapt to their technique to be

Bonus Areas:

1. Past the DK barrel, you will soon see a long horizontal rope with Klasp on
the left side.  Get on the rope, and go right.  Get on the next higher rope.
Klasp will follow you still while on that rope.  Get to the right side.  Go
left very fast, jump down to Klasp's rope, and hope you make it.

Kind: Stars
Time: 25
How many stars: 30

Klasp is a little faster here.  You have to hold the run button while moving.
Keep on jumping for the stars while moving in one direction.  When Klasp has
reached his boundary, go over Klasp and repeat going left.  Continue until you
get the coin, hit Klasp, or run out of time.

2. When you get to the N, team-up and throw Dixie up and right.  Get over
Knocka, and you can get in.  EMU users should save before you enter the barrel.
And don't worry, Knocka can't kill you.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

The Klasps on the 2nd and 4th rope are very fast here.  You have to trick them
to get higher.  Think fast.

Koin's Location:

After the O, get on the vertical rope, then jump left, over to Koin's
location.  I will do ASCII for this one.  "K" is Koin, "R" is a piece of
horizontal rope, & "k" is the keg barrel.

|    K_____________    |
|RRRR|             \   |
|    |______________\  |

Ah, now you should know what do to.  Pick up the barrel, and toss it on the
right wall,  Start to go left, taking the low road.  If Koin starts to change
his shielding position when the barrel hits him, he is out.
Do you like roller coasters?  Even if you don't, tell me this.  Do you like
toboggans?  Do you like to ride in toboggans?  If you don't, you will hate the
next stage.


The first toboggan stage was more of a warm-up.  Now, there are no rails above
you.  Falling in a pit is deadly.  Everything else is just about the same,
including where Koin is.  He is at the end.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you start the stage, jump in the barrel.  Blast downright.

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

Use team-up tactics to tackle the toughies.

2. After the G, there will be two houses up ahead.  The first one you have to
jump on.  A Buzz is located after the house.  Avoid him and the one higher up.
Start to go past (not on) the second house, then jump over Buzz.

Kind: Stars
Time: 10
How Many Stars: 50

Remember the following code; up, up, down, up.  No, it's not a controller
code.  You will see.
You are getting good.  The next stage is another waterfall stage, so the EMU
users have to turn off sprite 2 again.  As I said earlier, another barrel is
here.  What is it?  Read on and see.


You might want to know what the new barrel is here, so I'll tell you.  It is a
falling barrel.  They come down the waterfall, and break when they hit the
ground.  You can jump on them, but you can't pick them up.  If I have dampened
your enthusiasm, then I'm sorry.  However, I was telling the truth.  It is a
different kind of barrel.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you reach the K, turn left and go across the barrels to reach higher
ground.  Then turn around.  Jump on the next barrel that comes down, and jump
quickly to the right.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 35

The barrels are falling down faster than usual.  There are two "columns" so
you won't have that much ground to cover.  The coin will appear at the start.

2. When you reach the N, change to Dixie.  Glide right, and hopefully a falling
barrel will come your way.  Get on the barrel, then hop in the bonus barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

Get up to the top, fast!

Koin's Location:

When you reach the K, glide right (use Dixie), and you will land in the general
area.  To tag Koin here, you have to ride on the keg barrel.  First of all,
pick it up and throw it up & left.  It will slowly hit the wall and come back.
Jump on the barrel now.  When you are close to Koin, jump off the barrel and to
the left.  To leave the area, glide to the left from Koin's location.
You probably have gotten some target practice at Swanky's Sideshow.  If so,
then you know what it's like to shoot a target.  Well, it's time for a


At first, the stage looks like a normal factory stage with acid pools.
However, when you turn into Squitter, you will pass a sign you don't want to
pass.  Now, instead of you targeting someone, you are the target.  When the
target has a red X in it, get out of that spot!  There are numerous enemies
here as well, plus some major climbing with the web bridges has to be done.
The average person (I think) loses 10-20 lives on this stage just trying to get
to the end.  Hopefully, you will take your time.

Bonus Areas:

1. Continue playing until you pass the first acid pool and can see a 2nd acid
pool or Re-Koil (if you didn't shoot him, that is; he is guarding the next acid
pool).  Build web bridges upward and you will see a gap.  Get to that gap and
avoid the target.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 35

This one is too easy, but you will see a similar one later.  Only that one
will have a pit over the banana areas.

2. After the continue barrel, get to the point after you pass an acid pool with
two red Buzzes close to each other.  Now, build upwards.  When you are finished
building, you will see an alcove to the left that hides a hidden banana bunch.
You can also either go right, or continue upwards.  Start building more web
bridges when you are under the DK barrel (you'll need it more likely).  Go up
and left and note the red Buzz.  Either time your jumps or sacrifice a
Squitter, and get up to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 45

You see a target, but not Squitter.  It's because you are the target.  This is
your pre-test.  Time your shots, for you only get one shot per screen.  Go for
the green Buzzes last, and put your target at the top of the Buzzs' path.  This
way, when the coin comes, you won't have to shoot it.  Complete this bonus
stage to pass your pre-test.

Koin's Location:

Koin is at the end.  Squitter turns into the Keg Barrel, so you only get one
shot.  If you miss, either go for the flag or, if you have beaten the stage,
use the Stage Exit Trick.
If you have gotten past that stage AND found everything, you are the man (I
meant monkey).  The next stage is more like Skidda's Row, but you have a new
threat ahead of you.


The stage starts to snow, but it lifts up after you see Skidda.  After the
snow, the Lemguins come out to play-but they don't notice you at all!  You can
jump on them, but don't roll into them.  If you do, you won't be sitting down
for a month.  The rest of the stage is still difficult, but you should lose
fewer lives here than Krack-Shot Kroc.

Bonus Areas:

1. At the start, team-up over the red Buzz.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Lemguins will start to come out, so be alert.

2. After the G, you will see a house with a bonus barrel under it.  The
Lemguins are preventing you to come in from the left, so go over the house,
then down and around.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How Many Stars: 30

The Lemguins are at it again.

Koin's Location:

Koin is in plain sight, and so is his barrel.  This one regenerates, so don't
Now you have some stuff to do.  Go back to Lemguin Lunge on the map and press
up.  You will be sent to Blizzard's Basecamp.  Talk to him and you will receive
a present to give to Blue.  Leave, then press left to find another banana bird
location.  Play Simon Says to win (BB: 8).  Now, head to Swanky's and play
between three to ten games of his.  Hopefully, you will win back some bear
coins, so you might make a profit.  However, this is about target practice;
your final test is about to come up.  To find out how to pass it, go to the
Bosses section in the FAQ.  When you do, you can head to the next world.  But
DO NOT go to the next world-not yet anyway.  You have some more stuff to do.
First off, get at least 50 bear coins.  Did that?  Good.  Now head over to
Bazaar's and get the mirror.
Head back to Cotton Top Cove and give blue his birthday present.  There is a
bowling ball inside.  Go to Mekanos and give it to Bazooka.  Tell him to lock
and load Big Bessie, not to hold fire.  You will be shot to another banana bird
location.  Again, Simon Says is the way to free it (BB: 9).  You have just one
more thing now.
Go to Barter's Swap Shop, which is to the left of K3.  Trade the mirror for his
wrench.  You might want the mirror back later, but it isn't needed anymore.
Now, go into the next world.

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