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Walktrough : 4. Mekanos

4. Mekanos

  2005.07.11. 15:51

World 4: MEKANOS

Mekanos is like the industrial zone of DKC3.  There are two factories in this
stage, and some sewers where garbage would be dumped.  There is one small
forest, but it is being cut down for more factories, but more on those stages
later.  These stages are tough.  Right now, it's time to see the first factory
stage, Fireball Frenzy.


A lot of Karbines (bats) are in the background, and they fire fireballs to the
foreground.  When they touch the ground and bounce in the air a little, it is
safe to go past the fireball.  Also, some of the floors are boiling hot, which
can send a Kong to the igloo like (snap) that!

Bonus Areas:

1. Nothing of importance is before the continue barrel.  Immediately after the
continue barrel, you will see something sort of like the ASCII below.  "H" is
hot floor, "E" show the enemy Karbines, "B" is the bonus barrel, & "b" show the
bananas over the first "hot spot."  There is more extra space here than the
Fish Food Frenzy diagram, but don't worry.  Also note that if you have both
Kongs & you mess up trying to get on the platform after the three little ones
(see ASCII), you can team-up and throw Dixie up and to the left to get on the
platform.  I have done it.  I might have the wrong number of platforms, but I
know I have the last one right.

|                         E          |
|                 b                  |
|                b b   b______       |
|               b   b b |XXXX|       |
|        E     b     b  |XXXX|       |
|             b         |XXXX|       |
|            ___        |XXXX|       +
|            |X|HHHHHHHH|XXXX|       +
|  B         |XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|       +
|            |XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|_______+

Kind: Bash
Time: 20

You will turn into Squitter if you came here as the Kongs, but the stage can
be beaten in 17 seconds.  Aim your web shots and build web bridges if that

2. After you take a ride on an upward elevator with two Karbines, you will need
both Kongs.  Get to the left of the Karbine that shoots three fireballs.
Team-up & throw Dixie up.  Take the elevator upwards, jump to the right, and
avoid the bat.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 40

Just avoid the two Karbines while you are getting the green stuff.

Koin's Location:

After the N, you will ride an elevator upwards past a DK barrel.  When it
stops, jump left, and then jump right to the higher ledge.  Avoid Karbine's
fireballs to get the keg barrel, get on Koin, and throw it right into the wall.
When you are finished with this stage, make a quick stop at Bazooka's place if
you choose to.  If you do, he will just say he was in the Kremling War, and
that he wants to fire Big Bessie again.  The next stage is after Bazooka.
Prepare for the ride of your life.

Be prepared to fasten your seat belts.  The stage is like a roller coaster,
only you are riding a toboggan and the setting is the sewers.  This is one of
the two stages where you ride a toboggan.  There are two all-around rules while
riding a toboggan.

1. You can jump on the bees.
2. If you hit an obstacle, like a small wall, you lose a Kong.

The two only-in-this-stage rules are that you can ride the railing up top, and
at the end, if you don't jump in the arrow barrel, you will lose a life because
the wall by the barrel destroys toboggans.  Koin is at the end of both this
stage and the other toboggan stage, and he is easy to get in both, so I won't
bother in telling you how to get him.  Now, it's time to tell you how to get
the bonus stages.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the third banana bunch, you will see a little pipe thing that you can
jump on and a green Buzz next to it.  After that Buzz is another Buzz on the
ground.  Jump on him to find the hidden barrel above another Buzz.

Kind: Bash
Time: 10

Jump on all of the Knik-Knaks.  If you miss one, then I'm sorry, but you'll
have to exit the stage to try to access this stage again.

2. Once you see the Knik-Knak after the N, get to the lower track immediately.
That lone banana is a bonus barrel in disguise.

Kind: Stars
Time: 10
How many stars: 20

While you are being blasted to the toboggan, the emulator users should save
their state before they get in the toboggan.  Once you're in, stay on the high
road.  Jump on the two green Buzzes.  Soon you will see stars on the bottom
road.  Get the ones up top first, then head down.
In all of this industrial mess, there is a forest.  However, the bad guys want
a new factory built there.  What happens to the forest?  It gets cut down, of
course.  Move it, Kongs!


Someone wants to clear the forests, so they are using a giant sized chain saw
to do it.  The stage is somewhat forced scrolling, because if you jump up very
fast, you won't see your self.  There is no time for rest brakes.

Bonus Areas:

1. Past the O is a normal barrel.  Quickly pick it up.  Use it on Buzz and go
in the passageway it was blocking.  Enter the barrel before the saw catches up.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

The saw will move faster in this stage, but you at least get a one second head
start, so use it.

2. Get to the 2nd DK barrel past the N.  You will find a keg barrel soon, with
a green Buzz guarding another passageway.  If you don't see the barrel, or you
can't get to it in time, either sacrifice a Kong to enter or skip the stage.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 25

You are invincible, and on a slow moving saw.  The saw moves back & forth, and
it will move you like that as well.  Try to get all of the bananas before you
reach the top, otherwise, be lucky if you make it.

Koin's Location:

Koin is at the top.  There are two ways to reach him.  I will give you an
ASCII picture of the top of the stage where Koin is.  For the first way, when
you see the G, go under the platform.  If you are fast, you will get in a
hidden barrel that will blast you upwards to an invincible barrel.  The saw
will take you to the keg barrel.
Another way to get Koin is trickier, and requires both Kongs.  Take the normal
way instead of the hidden barrel below the G.  When you get to the top, put
Dixie on Kiddy.  Throw Dixie over the narrow space between Koin & the branch
above him.  You can reach the keg barrel this way, but I don't recommend this
For the ASCII, "k" is the keg barrel, "K" is Koin, the S's next to each other
is the saw, and "T" is where you would team-up if you want to take the second
way.  While the ASCII might look like you can't team-up above Koin, it is

|         |           |
|         |     ______|
|    ___________K     +
|       |             +
|_k_    |         T___+
|       |         |XXX|
If you remember playing DKC2, you probably have seen a Kremling with a Kannon.
His name was Klump.  In this game, his substitute is Bazuka, and he is in this
level-a lot.


In DKC1, jumping on barrels the enemy threw at you killed you.  DKC2 changed
that-except TNT barrels.  The DKC2 rule applies here.  New in this
barrel-bouncing rule are "barrel changing" barrels.  They change the barrels
that some Bazukas will fire.  For example, if the picture looks like a TNT
barrel with an S on it, then hit it to change it into a normal barrel with an S
on it. These changer barrels are needed for success.

Bonus Areas:

1. You will see a No Squitter sign early on.  That is NOT the real sign (if you
cross it, you will waste Squitter when you get him).  You will quickly find a
TNT shooting Bazuka.  Get on the other side of him to turn to Squitter.  Don't
worry about bouncing on him; only the barrels can kill you.   Now, head back to
the right to where the stationary TNT barrel was, and build web bridges up.
Shoot web shots to the right when you get to the top because another Bazuka is
guarding the barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

Buzzes are around, including one above you.  The coin, though, is to the
right.  Kill any Buzzes that are in your way.

2. Past the N, you will see Bazuka firing barrels to the left, for no apparent
reason.  Jump on the barrels to the left to find the bonus barrel.  It is
easier though, to jump left and glide as Dixie onto another barrel that has
been fired.

Kind: Find
Time: 25

Jump in the barrel, watch your aim, and use the fired barrels to get to the
right.  This stage takes time to master.  EMU people save before you enter.

Koin's Location:

It is best with Squitter, though it might be possible with Dixie.  After you
get the continue barrel, go down and left.  You'll see Koin getting clobbered
with regular barrels.  Jump on the barrels (or use web bridges if you are
Squitter) to reach Bazuka.  Hit the barrel changer above Bazuka to change the
barrels he fires to steel keg barrels.  Either build web bridges back to Koin,
or glide right, land on a barrel, and land on Koin.  If you haven't moved to
far to the right, a keg barrel will soon come to Koin.
The three sewer levels in the game are the most original in my opinion.  The
last one had you traveling via toboggan.  This time, you will act like Neil
Armstrong and journey a pipe maze with low gravity.  Fog will come to the
foreground in the EMU version, so those people have to turn off sprite 2.


Like I said, this is a stage where the gravity is low.  Everything (well,
almost everything) moves slower, you included.  You also jump higher and jump
farther.  Plus, you will become Squawks in this level.  However, this isn't the
green Squawks, it's the purple one.  They don't spit out eggs, but can grab
barrels with their talons.  Again, take your time, but you should think more
carefully here.

Bonus Areas:

1. Past the O and before the continue barrel, you will see three green Buzzes.
You can team-up, jump over the Buzzes, and throw Dixie upwards.  Or, you can
become Squawks and fly to the barrel.  It won't matter.

Kind: Stars
Time: 25
How Many Stars: 80

If you EMU people want an extra challenge in this easy bonus stage, put sprite
2 back on so the fog covers the whole arena.

2.  You will get to a place like the ASCII below.  What you must do is get the
TNT barrel above the slow green Buzz, and use the barrel to stop the fast green
Buzz below.  Each "B" is a red Buzz's location, "T" is the TNT barrel, "S" is
the slow green Buzz, and "F" is the fast green Buzz.  Destroy that Buzz and you
can go into the Bonus Area.
|XXXXXXXXX|          |XXX
|XXXXXXXXX|          |XXX
|XXXXXXXXX|          |XXX
+                      B+
+                       +
+                       +
+                       +
+__________     __B_____+

Kind: Bash
Time: 40

You will turn into a green Squawks for this one.  Shoot the Buzz's and that
does it.

Koin's Location:

This one is on my "weird" category because there are two ways to get him.  The
way you do it will depend on which No Squawks sign you pass.  I will give you
ASCII to both signs.  "R" is a regenerating barrel, "S" show each sign's
location, the "b's" next to each other show the fast green Buzz's paths, & "K"
is Koin.  A lot of extra space is in this ASCII.
XXXXXXX|        b b                        +
XXXXXXX|        b b                        +
XXXXXXX|        b b                        +
XXXXXXX|        b b                        +
XXXXXXX|________b_b______       _________S_+

If you used the regenerating barrel on the two Buzz's on the left, you can
access the left sign.  It will turn into a keg barrel.  Time your jump over
Koin, throw it, and hope you see the barrel hit Koin when it comes back.
If you messed up on that throw, don't worry.  To the left of the sign is a
vertical passage, and at the top is another keg barrel.  This one can
regenerate, but don't use it to destroy the Buzz's, and you may get another
If you didn't take the left road in the first place, then you would've had to
go around to that keg barrel.
You might have heard in some magazines and web sites that the next boss is the
final boss.  Well, the creature called KAOS isn't the final boss.  To find out
how to beat him, go know the drill already.  It's the Bosses section
in case you forgot.  Once he's temporarily disabled, you will get another ski.
Visit Funky, and you will get a jet ski with a turbo feature (use "Y" for a
speed boost).  Now that you have gotten it, turbo up the waterfall behind
Bazaar and hopefully you will win another Banana Bird (BB: 7).
Head over to where Mekanos was, and go to the right side.  Turbo up the
waterfalls, and you can reach K3, a treacherous snow world.

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