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Walktrough : 3. Cotton Top Cove

3. Cotton Top Cove

  2005.07.11. 15:51


You can make a stop at Blue's Beach Hut if you want.  He will just tell you
that the circled date on his calendar isn't important.  Before you head to the
next stage, go to the right of the waterfall.  There is a hidden cave with
another Banana Bird (BB: 6, if you win Simon Says).  Now, it's time to go see
Bazza's Blockade.


Now you enter the swimming levels.  There are three major swimming levels in
this game, and this is one of them.  In all of them, Koin is at the end of the
This is the first swimming stage.  Bazza guards the waters in this stage.  He
goes from one hole to another in a straight line.  Enguarde is hidden late in
the stage, and finding him can help stop Bazza and crew.  In the swimming
stages, you must take extra precaution.  If you are using the emulator version,
save the state before & after a difficult part, but only if it is a safe spot.

Bonus Areas:

1. The 4th Bazza group is going faster than usual.  Get below them to enter the
Bonus Barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

You have to avoid to Lurchins and the occasional group of Bazzas to survive
this test.

2. After the DK barrel past the continue barrel, get past the first 6 groups of
Bazzas.  When you see # 7, swim to the top of the screen and continue left.
When you can get down, get down to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 30

If you aren't Enguarde, you will change to him & lose three seconds, but it
won't be much of a difference here.  Ten or twelve Kocos are in Bazza's holes.
Keep on spearing them (press Y to poke) to get them.  The coin is at the top
when all of the fish are fish food.
You deserve a promotion if you got through that.  Now, we it is time to visit
some waterfalls.  In each waterfall stage, if you are using the emulator
version, then turn off sprite 2.  Sometimes parts of the stage go behind the
waterfalls, and in the EMU version, the waterfall completely covers the other
side.  Plus, in each waterfall stage, you see a different kind of barrel.  Here
is the home of the rocket barrels.


When you are in the rocket barrels, you will be propelled upwards to a certain
point.  Then you will get out.  You can come back in the barrel as it descends.
In some parts of the stage, you must do this to avoid the Buzzes.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the K, & maybe the O, you will soon be in another rocket barrel.  When
it reaches its peak, there is a Knik-Knak to the left of Buzz.  When you are
shot out of the rocket barrel, hold left to bounce on the Knik-Knaks to the
bonus barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many stars: 20

This is a pretty easy stage.  The only way you can really mess up is mistiming
your jump into the rocket barrels.

2. After the halfway barrel, you will find Perry.  After the No Perry sign, get
to the other side of the next rocket barrel.  Go down and get in the barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 35
How many stars: 60

This one is more complex than the other one, though it can be beaten.  Just
watch your aim.

Koin's Location:

The Keg Barrel is in plain sight to the left of the goal.  Koin is more to the
left.  There is no wall behind Koin.  Even though the ASCII below might make
you think that there is a wall behind Koin, this time it is actually a stage
boundary, and barrels don't bounce off stage boundaries.  How do you hit him?
Refer to the ASCII while I tell you how.  Bring the keg barrel under the
automatic barrel.  Throw the barrel upwards making sure it doesn't go on the
hill, then jump in the barrel.  You will be on the other side of Koin,
hopefully in time.  ASCII wise, "K" is Koin, "k" is where you should put the
keg barrel, "B" is the automatic barrel which will fire you left, and "b" is
where you will land.  The hills part isn't entirely accurate, but is the best I
could do.

|                    +
|                   B+
|     /     \        +
|    /       \       +
Now we head back to the docks.  However, "some new guards are watching the
docks" (tune to "Santa Claus is coming to Town").  You will see what I mean.


Nibbla, the pesky fish that was in Bobbing Barrel Brawl, is back.  The only
way to safety is using the ropes, but Klasp & crew won't let you-at least not
peacefully.  If you hit them, they blow up, and you lose a Kong.  Note the
patterns of the Klasps and (hopefully) you won't get hurt.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the 2nd Klasp, you will see two Buzzes.  Jump on the rope when they
are off screen, then jump again.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 25

The bananas are under either the high rope or the low rope.  Get on the right
rope to get the bananas.

2. After the 1st Klasp after the continue barrel, stop before the 2nd Klasp.
The automatic barrel that will take you to the Bonus Barrel is well guarded.
Look at the ASCII below.  "K" is where you are, "A" is the automatic barrel
that will blast you right, "b" is the bonus barrel, "W" is the water surface, &
"k" will show you where each Klasp can move.

+-------|--------          +
+     K kkkkkkkkk    ______+
+       ----|----    |     +
+       kkkk kkkk    |     +
+           A          B   +

Another way to get it is just as risky.  Avoid the top rope Klasp and get to
the dock.  Now, get in the water, and swim to the barrel.  It's not a long
swim, but watch out for Nibbla.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Avoid all of the Klasps on the ropes and Nibbla in the water and you will do
just fine.

Koin's Location:

Koin is in plain sight.  The barrel is past the goal, partially hidden in the
little house-like area.  There is a wall behind Koin, so throw the barrel at
the wall.
The second waterfall stage is here.  Again, turn off sprite 2 for all those
EMU people out there.  Here, tracker barrels are the transportation of choice,
and they can be as hard as the rocket barrels.


The tracker barrels will follow you until they can't follow you anymore.
Usually, that is when you are able to reach land.  While you are riding the
barrels, you control both the Kongs and the barrel until the barrel goes no
more.  This stage, in my opinion, is more difficult than Rocket Barrel Ride.

Bonus Areas:

1. After you complete your 2nd Tracker Barrel Test, you will be on land.  Use
Dixie and glide to the right.

Kind: Stars
Time: 25
How many stars: 70

There are two tracker barrels.  Use both to be successful.

2. Change into Ellie past the continue barrel.  Continue until you go in the
tracker barrel behind the waterfall.  If you are using the emulator version,
save before you enter the barrel.  Shoot the two bees guarding the barrel with
water (there is water in your trunk, right?) to enter the barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

I should've mentioned this before, but I forgot.  While you are in the bonus
stages with Ellie, you can't put water in your trunk.  You must use the tracker
barrels and bounce on the Knik-Knaks to come through.

Koin's Location:

I will do another ASCII for this one.  First off all, bring Ellie to the No
Ellie sign.  Before you get there, you will see Koin on a lower ledge.  Also,
destroy the two Krumples (they are big, blue Kremlings) guarding the No Ellie
sign.  Ellie will turn into a keg barrel.  Now, here is the tricky part, mainly
since you only get one shot to pull it off.  Emulator people should save their
state here, now.
Bring the barrel near Koin.  To the left of Koin is a wall.  Stay a good
distance from the wall, and throw the barrel to the wall, but throw it up.
When you see the barrel coming back, get on the higher ledge to the right of
Koin.  The barrel should hit.  Sometimes, though, you have to be on Koin.  This
way, you will definitely see the barrel hit Koin.  The ASCII doesn't show
enemies because I will assume you have destroyed them.  In the ASCII, "n" is
the No Ellie sign, "k" is where the Keg barrel will land, & "K" is Koin.  The
vertical line behind Koin is a wall, so don't worry.

+                  +
+     ________     +
+    /        \_n_k+
|_______K     |XXXX|
The next stage was probably made for people who haven't baby-sat before, to
show how hard it can be.  Even if you had, this next stage makes you baby-sit a
fish, which isn't like babysitting a person.


If you have ever baby-sat before, you might (note the word might) have some
experience that might be helpful in this stage.  If you didn't don't worry.  It
is just as hard for you as for the people who have baby-sat.  You have a baby
blue Nibbla that follows you around.  You have to make baby Nibbla happy, so
feed him Kocos.  When he is near a fish, baby Nibbla will eat it, and he will
be happy again.  Eating a Lurchin, though, will make baby Nibbla choke, and his
color will change.  Not allowing him to eat produces the same results.  If he
doesn't eat something good after a while, he will change pink, the color of the
Nibbla in Kreeping Klasps and Bobbing Barrel Brawl.  You should know what baby
Nibbla will eat if he isn't fed properly.  Just take care of him and he will
take care of you.  Koin is at the end of this stage, but you need both Kongs.
Don't worry; a DK barrel is placed by the exit.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the K, you will go down, left, and then up.  You will have a choice to
go left or right, but right is guarded by a Lurchin.  Behind Lurchin is a Bonus
Barrel, but if the fish eats Lurchin, you have to feed him after you exit.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 35

This one is too easy, I will stop here.

2. After the G, you will soon be in a place something close to the ASCII below.
You want to take the second path up.  Rats, a Lurchin guards it.  Let the fish
eat him, and go up and enter the barrel.  When you come out, you can swim a
short distance to the right and leave the main part so the fish leaves you
alone.  In the ASCII, "K" is you, "L" shows the path each Lurchin takes, and
"B" is the bonus barrel.  There is A LOT of extra space in this ASCII.


Kind: Bash
Time: 40

Since you can't change into Enguarde, what is another way to destroy the green
Kocos?  This time, baby Nibbla will come with you in this bonus stage.  Let him
eat all ten fish and you get the bonus coin.
Hopefully you got everything in that stage within 10 lives, because that stage
is a PITA (email me if you want to know what that means).  If you have to enter
it again, get what you came for, and exit the stage like mad.  Head to Squirt
now.  To find out how to beat him, go to the Bosses section in my FAQ.  Once
Squirt is taken care of, you have nothing more to do than head to Mekanos.

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