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Walktrough : 2. Kremwood Forest

2. Kremwood Forest

  2005.07.11. 15:49


This is where the game starts to get trickier.  The difficulty level in these
is pumped up a little bit.  I will say this now, & I'll say it again: take your
time.  However, there is one stage where that could be an exception (more on
that later).  With all of that said and done, visit Barrel Shield Bust-Up.


Avoiding the monkey's (Minkey's) projectiles is the hardest part of the stage,
and you will have to do that often.  Since all of the other parts of the stage
are easy with the exception of an occasional Buzz, I will cover what you have
to do at each group of Minkeys.

1. There are two monkeys, and a barrel shield by the second monkey.  Hide
behind it so the 2nd monkey won't hit you with his projectile.
2. Repeat # 1, but note that there are three monkeys.
I won't specify how many monkeys there are in a group from this point on, but I
will tell you how to pass each group.
3. After the first monkey throws it's projectile, go up the rope, fast.
4. Repeat # 2.
5. Repeat # 4.
6. Repeat # 3.

Now you should be at the continue barrel.  I will do the same thing, starting
from 1.

1. Now the barrel shield moves.  You must move with the barrel to survive.
2. Repeat # 1.
3. Wait for the first projectile to go flying, then get up.
4. Repeat # 2.
5. Repeat # 3.
6. Repeat # 4.
7. Repeat # 6.
8. Repeat # 7.

That mainly does it.  Now, go to the right to leave.

Bonus areas:

1. After the 5th set of Minkeys before the continue barrel, there is a TNT
barrel.  Use it on the left wall.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Avoid the six Minkeys' projectiles as you climb up the rope.

2. Another TNT barrel is after the final set of Minkeys.  Use it on the left
wall, and then climb up to a higher branch within the tree.  Switch to Dixie,
then glide right through the openings.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 35

I think you need another ASCII.  "R" is the rope you climb, "M" is Minkey's
locations, "B" is where the bananas could be, and "C" is the coin after you get
the bananas.

|   R  M|
|  BRB  |
|   R   |
|M  R   |
|  BRB  |
|   R   |
|   R  M|
|   R   |

Koin's Location:

Before the 5th set after the continue barrel, team-up and throw Dixie up and
left.  Throw the Keg barrel right where it was, don't move, and Koin is
clobbered.  Use the TNT barrel to create an exit.
Do you remember me saying something about an exception to the take your time
rule?  Well, the next stage is it.  Here, speed counts.  Should you want the
bonuses, make a second trip for them.


Believe me or not, this is the hardest stage in Kremwood Forest.  You have to
avoid a group of bees that are following you just about everywhere, dispatch of
foes when there is time, and try to beat this stage in under 1:15.00.  Pretty
tough, huh?  Therefore, you have to really play this stage two times: one for
speed, and one to find everything else.  If you are using the emulator version,
save the state before you enter this stage.
Like I said, you have to go fast.  I can't provide much detail about the main
stage itself more than I did in the above paragraph, except for the following.

1. Just expect to lose lives.
2. Brash got to the continue barrel in 35 seconds.  If you are about two to
five seconds behind his time when you get to the continue barrel, you can still
catch up to his record of 1:15.00.
3. When you enter a bonus stage, time freezes.  That is important to remember.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the first lake, you will see another lake.  A cliff is overlooking the
2nd lake.  You can get up on the cliff two ways.  One way is to water bounce
using Kiddy.  The other way is to sacrifice Kiddy to the bees.  When that
happens, Dixie jumps in the air automatically.  Use that opportunity to glide
to the right, and hope you make it.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

ASCII comes to the rescue again.  "B" is the possible banana locations, "W" is
the water surface, & "F" is the enemy fish (which is Koco).  The coin is at the
right side.

|                  |
|                  |
|  B   B   B       |
|              __C_|
|  B   F   B  |XXXX|

2. You will see an N in plain sight during the race.  When you see it, go in
the lake below in the lower-left corner.  Get the Invincibility barrel, then
jump on the red Buzzes near the surface to reach the barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

If you think you can make it, try jumping on the Re-Koils, but a safer bet is
to roll into them.  Also, if they are coming down on you, roll and they will be

Koin's Location:

After you get out of the lake with the G in it, you must have Kiddy.  Having
Dixie helps.  Jump over the bees that follow you, then Water Bounce to the
left.  If you have both Kongs, a (somewhat) better idea is to jump into the
bees as Kiddy.  Then Dixie will jump in midair.  Glide to the left then.
Defeat Koin the normal way.


It is above the center of the first lake.  Team-up or use the sacrifice
technique.  A word of warning, though: If you take the warp barrel, you'll be
disqualified with a time of over nine minutes.
Now that you have done the stage for speed (or bonuses, whichever you chose),
go for the other one.  When both have been accomplished, go to the next indoor


Your primary objective, Secret Agents D & K, is to destroy all of the Sneeks
in the wheels.  The live rats keep the doors locked.  Once all of the Sneeks of
a group are destroyed, the doors will open.  The first one you see is mainly
for practice.  For this stage, I will tell you whether or not it is easy to
destroy each Sneek and proceed, starting with the one after you climb the rope.
Now, on to the description.

1. This is an easy one, so don't worry about it.
2. Another easy one.
3. Time to hard-en up.  Two red Buzzes are guarding the rat.  Time your throw.
4. After you stop the rat, you must jump on the wheel and go left.  A fast red
Buzz rotates around the wheel.  The Buzz makes this one hard.
5. You have to go left, past the O, to find this one.  This is hard in the
"search & destroy" category.
6. Easy as pie.

Now that you have reached the continue barrel, I will start the count again.

1. Easy.
2. Easy.
3. Hard: two red Buzzes are guarding the wheel.
4. Hard: two green Buzzes are guarding the wheel.
5. Easy.
6. Two red Buzzes guarding.
7. Easy.
8. Easy.
9. Two red Buzzes guarding.
10. Two red Buzzes guarding.

Now that you're through with that part, jump through the trap door.  You will
be back where you started; only now you can go through a previously locked
door.  You will find Perry for the first time.  Perry will hover above you,
getting those high bananas.  When you see Booty Bird, you can run directly into
him and get the G.  However, when you see the red Buzz, you must make Perry
"jump" over the buzz.  I think ASCII will help you again.  Your character is
"K", "k" is where you should land after you jump, Perry above you is "P", the
red Buzz is "B", and the bananas are "b".  If Perry survives the jump, then
pass the No Perry sign to get a Blue Balloon.  Past the No Perry sign is the

+       b     +
+      b b    +
+     b   b   +
+    P  B     +
+             +
+             +
+             +

Bonus Areas:

1. Before the continue barrel, jump on wheel 5.  Jump to the left to find the
bonus barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 20

You have to maintain balance on the two wheels to get all of the stars.  I will
do ASCII here.  The wheels will look like flat land (__), stars are "*", & "C"
is the bonus coin.

|     * * * * *     |
|     * * * * *     |
|     * * * * *     |
|     * * * * *     |
|___   __  __   ___C|

2. After the continue barrel, get on wheel 1.  Team-up to wheel 2, and jump
right to get to the Bonus Barrel.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

The same arena as the last bonus area is used here, only you want bananas here.

Koin's Location:

When all of the green Buzzes are gone surrounding wheel 4, get on it.  Team-up
and throw Dixie right.  Koin is in plain sight.  Stop him normally.
If you have reached this point in the game with all of the bonus areas beaten
and banana birds bagged so far, you are good.  Now, in the next stage you will
get help from spiders.  Squitter isn't in this stage, but other friendly
spiders are.


There are a lot of Buzzes in the playing field.  Also, there are two different
types of spiders (referred to as Nid).  The pink Nids jump when you get on
them, while the yellow Nids just keep on jumping.  Take your time through this
stage and you will beat it.
Also, if you want to be Squawks, play until you get to the K.  Go left, and
when you see the yellow Nid, go down the hole and you will be Squawks.  Get to
the No Squawks sign to get a bear coin.  That is all of the main description I
can provide.

Bonus Areas:

1. There are two ways to get in this stage that I know.

For the first way, get Squawks.  Once gotten, fly up & right to take a Squawks
only shortcut.  Soon you will see a green Buzz blocking your path.  Shoot it &
Go left.
Either ignore Squawks (or get him, it is up to you), and take the main road
into the tree.  Soon you will be out of the tree.  Get in the next tree, go
down and around.  It will take you to the same barrel.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 45

I'm in a good mood, so I'll do another ASCII.  "B" is the possible banana
locations, "b" is the stationary red Buzz, and the R's next to each other is
where the other red Buzz can move.

|  B  |
|     |
|B b B|
|     |
|  B  |
|     |
|__ __|
|     |
|     |
|     |
|    C|

2. Once you past the G, fall in the following hole.  Now, where is the G, you
ask?  Below the G there will be a Swoopy hidden by leaves.  Jump by him to make
him spear the left tree like a woodpecker.  Now, jump on him to reach the G.
Get it, then go right, and when you see the hole, go in.

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How Many Stars: 30

Jump on the Nid to get the first few stars, then jump in the group of stars.
You can repeat this up to three times.  By the third time if you don't all of
the stars, then forget it.  I'll do another ASCII.  "S" is the pink spider, "*"
show the stars in their approximate locations, and "C" is where the coin will
be after you get the stars.  This ASCII clearly isn't my best.
|                      |
|      *               |
|                      |
|   *     *            |
|      _____    ***    |
|   *      |    ***    |
|          |    ***    |
|   *      |    ***    |
|          |    ***    |
|   *      |    ***    |
|          |    ***    |
|               ***    |

Koin's Location:

Keep on playing until you find the 1st DK barrel past the continue barrel.
Now, go on the 2nd pink Nid, with Kiddy in the lead.  While riding the spider,
team-up.  When the spider reaches his peak, jump to the left, and throw Dixie
up & left.  You will now be able to see Koin.
How to make Koin give it up can be tricky for first time players.  On the
branch you land on is a keg barrel.  Throw the barrel through the opening on
the upper-left side.  The barrel will hit Koin in the back.  Now, team-up &
throw Dixie through the opening to pick up the coin.  Use the TNT barrel nearby
to create an exit.
Before you go on, stop at Brash's Cabin.  He will brag about his time on
Riverside Race.  If you have beaten that time, he will get so mad, he will
create a path to Arich's Hoard, but only after completing Bobbing Barrel Brawl
can you reach it.  You might as well play Bobbing Barrel Brawl right now.


After the K (hidden by a red Buzz), you will turn into Ellie.  You should
remember playing as Ellie in Murky Mill.  Now, you have to learn some new
skills.  You will have to learn how to put water in your trunk and spit it out
as well.  Try to stay out of the water, because a pink fish (they call him
Nibbla) lives in most of the bodies of water here.  He has a nasty bite, which
can kill you.  If you have a spare Ellie, then you can still go continue.  You
also have to be careful because you can easily slip off the barrels in the
water.  Don't worry; you can't sink, but Nibbla will come to get you.  Again,
take your time.  If you are using the emulator version, it is best to save
before & after each difficult part.
The 2 ASCII diagrams below show typical diagrams of what you have to do to
cross the lakes below if Nibbla is in them.
In both of the diagrams, "E" is for Ellie & "W" is the surface of the water.
In the first diagram, "B" is the barrel on the land you have to put in the
water.  "b" is where the barrel should be thrown (or put down; to do that, hold
Down when the barrel is over water).

+                 +
+                 +
+_E_B_       _____+
|XXXX|       |XXXX|

In the second diagram, "k" is the keg barrel you are on.  "B" this time is
Booty Bird.  Shoot him with water to make him drop a barrel to continue.

+              +
+       B      +
+           ___+
+   E       |XX|

Those are only basic diagrams.  In the stages, you will have those same
situations, only it will be a little bit harder.  Just time your jumps and
shots & you'll be okay.  You might lose a few lives, but that's okay.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the O, you will see an automatic barrel.  Jump in it, and you will
pass a Booty Bird, a red Buzz, and a Bonus Barrel.  Shoot Booty Bird with water
to make him drop a TNT barrel on Buzz.  Jump in the barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 25

Look at the 1st ASCII for this stage.  Mainly, it's the same thing.  Just
remember that only two barrels can be in the water at the same time.  When you
throw a 3rd barrel in the water, one will disappear.
What I did to complete this bonus area follows.  When I picked up the barrel,
I threw it upwards.  Then I picked up another barrel, & while holding it, I
jumped to the floating barrel.  I dropped the barrel down.  I timed my jumps,
and I got the coin.  You may use any strategy, of course, but the way described
above was an effective strategy for me.  Choose your strategy.

2. Note:  This description is long, but try to follow along (no rhyme
Past the N will be a big lake, and Nibbla won't be in it (thank goodness).  If
you look closely on the bottom of your screen while in the lake, you will see a
bonus barrel.  By now, you should know that you float in water as Ellie.  How
do you get in there?
What you do is go to the right, and when you get to the wall, don't jump up.
Wait for the two Knik-Knaks to get to their final positions in the sky.  Jump
on the higher ground, then jump on the Knik-Knaks.  Keep holding left and you
will jump in the water.  The force of the jump will let you go down to the
bottom of the lake, & you will be able to reach the barrel.  I think ASCII will
help once more.  "W" is the water surface, "B" is the bonus barrel, "X" is
extra space, & "E" is you.  The letters "K" & "N" are both Knik-Knaks, while
"k" & "n" will be their location if you let them be.

+       k            +
+          n   __K__N+
+              |XXXXX|
+       ______E|XXXXX|

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many Stars: 10

The only thing you have to make sure is that you don't fall off the barrels
floating in the water.

Koin's Location:

Before the continue barrel, you will see Koin.  Back up and you will see a keg
barrel.  Bring the barrel to you, but be careful the barrel doesn't hit either
red Buzz when it is on your trunk.  When you are by Koin, throw the barrel over
Koin, but under another red Buzz, so it hits Koin in the back.

Extra Note:

If you are very good, then take this challenge.  After you change back, make
sure you have both Kongs.  Now, try to go back to the beginning of the stage.
It is very hard, I admit, even with the EMU version.  If you are using the EMU
version, then save before and after each difficult part.  This way, if you
couldn't get into the second bonus level as Ellie, you can get to it as the
Before you fight Arich, you should get the Banana Bird in Arich's Hoard (BB:
4).  Now that you have it, go face Arich.  To find out how to beat him, go to
the Bosses section in my FAQ.
After Arich is taken care of, you should get the banana bird in Arich's Hoard
if you didn't already.  Now that you have a patch, go to Funky.  He will build
you a hovercraft that can go over rocks.
Once you get it, go to the left side of the over world map.  Go to the beach
that is surrounded by rocks.  Play Simon Says to win another banana bird (BB:
5).  Now, go over the rocks by Funky's Rentals.  You know have choices.
You can either activate the Lost World (more on that later), go to Mekanos,
visit Bungalow, or make a stop at Cotton Top Cove.  You should stop at Cotton
Top Cove, for it is easier than Mekanos.

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