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Walktrough : 1. Lake Organtanga

1. Lake Organtanga

  2005.07.11. 15:46


This is a pretty easy stage.  All you have to do is just go right, avoid the
enemies (or kill them, if you wish), and get everything you can.  That is your
mission.  To get up on the houses, you will probably need both Dixie & Kiddy
Kong.  Play as Kiddy, team-up, and throw Dixie on the houses.  Kiddy will be
pulled up to where Dixie is, and you can get the bonuses.
Past the continue barrel, you will find Ellie for the first time.  If you get
hit while riding, he will run in one direction until he hits something or goes
to far off the screen.  Learn to bring the barrels to Ellie's mouth and
spitting them out now, you will need to later.  Also, practice getting off
animals during jumps (press X to get off animal buddy).  What will you practice
with, though?  A blue balloon is almost at the top of the screen before the "No
Ellie" sign.  Get the balloon to complete your training.  Get back on Ellie,
then go past the "No Ellie" sign with Ellie and get a Bear Coin.  The finish
flag is just ahead.  Jump on it to beat the level.

Bonus areas:

1. Pass the K, you will see a Bonus barrel below a crack in the dock.  To get
through the crack, put Kiddy on Dixie.  Throw Kiddy upwards, and control Kiddy
so he lands over the crack, therefore busting it open.  You will fall in the
barrel automatically.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20 sec.
How many stars: 50

You have to get all of the stars to make the Bonus Coin appear.  Getting 50 in
20 sounds a little tough, but it isn't.  Make sure you use the top rope to get
the high stars.  When all of the stars are gotten, go to the right side to get
your coin.

2. Pass the halfway barrel, there is an opening in the dock you can fit
through.  Go in it.  Swim to the right and you will see the barrel.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

A new kind of bonus area to the DKC series, you have to get 15 green bananas to
get the coin to appear.  One banana will appear at a time on screen, and you
have a few seconds to get it before it goes away.  After your attempt, another
banana will go to another location, or stay where it is.
Stay on the horizontal rope throughout this stage.  If the banana goes to the
floor, then jump off the rope and get it, then climb back on.  If it is above
the rope, then jump at the right location to reach it.  When you have reached
the quota, go to the right side of the screen to pick up your Bonus Coin.

Koin's Location:

Koin is located before the continue barrel, where the O is.  The steel barrel
is also in that area.  To make Koin give up his DK Coin, throw the barrel in a
way so that he won't block the barrel with his shield.  Most of the time you
can throw it behind Koin so it hits a wall, bounces back, and hits Koin in the
back.  He will always block towards you, so if you throw it behind him, he
won't know what hit him.  If you can't hit Koin like that, then I will tell you
how.  Should you mess up, you can try again, because the barrel keeps
Each time there are dotted lines after Koin's Location or the Bypass part,
then that means that is the end of each stage description.  The next set of
dotted lines mark the beginning of the next stage description.  My comments go
in between, like in this space.  That is just to let you know.
Lakeside Limbo is the easiest stage in the game.  If you did not beat that
stage and got a game over, well, you are terrible.  If you made it, good job.
Now, it is time to head into the indoors.


Welcome to the indoors!  The hardest part of this stage isn't the enemies
(though the bees, which are called Buzzes, can hurt very badly).  The hardest
part is all of the doors & switches.  You have to use the switches to get
through the doorways to exit.  While the first few pairs of switches & doors
are easy to handle, trouble starts after the O.  When you pull the switch,
avoid the Buzzes and you will make it to the door.  Go up the rope after the
Buzzes.  At the top, it is like the last encounter, only there are two groups
of Buzzes.  Past them and the door is the halfway barrel.
The halfway barrel conceals a switch.  Jump on the platform to reach the door.
Now, it's time for a new challenge (let's call this POINT 1 for future
reference).  There is a barrel that rotates, a door, and a switch above the
barrel.  Aim the barrel upward to continue to hit the switch to continue.
Climb the rope that is just ahead and when you reach the top, jump to the left.
The next switch has a Buzz guarding the door.  Make sure you get the N while
moving.  The next part is like POINT 1, only there are two barrels.  Do the
same technique.  Two more switches are all that stand between you and the goal
(beside a few Buzzes).  Make sure you get the G.  After the last door, you must
jump in the pit.  Use Dixie if you can to get more bananas and maybe a Green

Bonus areas:

1. You need both Kongs for this one.  When you reach the first rope,  go left
instead.  Put Kiddy on Dixie, and throw Kiddy to the switch.  Glide left for a
Red Balloon and the Bonus Barrel.

Kind: Star
Time: 30
How many stars: 60

This one should be easier than the first star stage.  For a faster time, pull
the switch at the start to get to the other side & get the stars on the left.
Then use the switch there to get back for the stars on the right.  The Bonus
Coin is where you started.  This is also the first stage that uses ASCII art.
Look at the ASCII diagram below for some more detail.  In the diagram, "D" is
the door, "S" are the door switches, "*" is a star, and "C" is where the coin
is.  The correct number of stars is in the ASCII, but not necessarily at those

|***S*** |***S****|

2. Past POINT 1 is a rope.  Get to the top and jump off to the right.  Avoid
Buzz, pull the switch, and haul butt to the bonus area.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

I will give you an ASCII diagram for this one.  Mainly, jump to the right on
the switches while avoiding the two Buzzes.  In the ASCII, you start on the
left.  "C" is for Bonus Coin, "S" is for switch, and where there are B's next
to each other, that shows each Buzz's path.  Note:  I should let you know now
that none of these ASCII drawings will be perfect, so actual distance may very

|     S   S     S     S     S    S          |
|         BBBBBBB                B          |
        |                                B          |
                |                                B          |
|                                B     C    |
------                               --------

Koin's Location:

While falling down the pit, fall left, and you will be in his area.  Pull the
switch, throw the barrel through the door, and it will hit.  Here's another
ASCII.  "S" is switch, "D" is the door that is controlled by "S", "K" is Koin,
and "k" is the steel keg barrel.
This is the first ASCII drawing will feature plus signs and X's.  Whenever
there is extra space in the ASCII that isn't needed, it will be covered with
Some of the ASCII drawings, mainly the Koin's Location ones, will have plus
signs on the sides.  The plus signs mean that there is more of the stage in
that direction.  For example, in the ASCII diagram below, there are plus signs
in the upper part of the ASCII.  To the right of the plus signs is the rest of
the stage, which isn't needed for the current ASCII.

|        D         S      +
|        D                +
|   _____D         _______+
|   |____|         |XXXXXX|
Before moving on, note that you can now save at Wrinkly's & visit Barnacle.
Barnacle is missing a shell in his collection.  Visit Bazaar after completing
this world, for he might have one.  After saying hello to Barnacle, go under
the bridge at the top of your screen and press B at the beach to play Simon
Says for another chance at a banana bird (BB: 2).  Now, head to Tidal Trouble.


Watch out for the tide!  It will sweep you back towards the start, so you must
swim fast.  Fight the tide to get to the end.  The K is easy to get, but Buzz
is guarding the DK barrel (sort of).  Jump on the dock, then over Buzz.  Now,
avoid all of the fish (called Kocos), jumping at all of the bananas that you
can get your hands on.
When you reach the green enemies in barrels (they are Knockas), remember that
they can't kill you.  All they do is try to charge you.  If you jump on them,
then the Knockas will hide in the barrels, and then you can use the Knockas
like normal barrels.  The O is after the first batch of Knockas.  After the O,
some more swimming and you will reach the halfway barrel.
Two bear coins are hidden between the halfway barrel and some flying beetles
you will encounter later.  One is in between a green Buzz and a green Koco.
Use Dixie to glide in between the space.  Another one is hidden above a
horizontally flying Buzz.  Jump at the right time when it is clear.  When you
see two flying beetles (they are Knik-Knaks), jump on them to reach the dock.
Use Knocka to destroy Booty Bird for the N, then jump off.  Then, you have to
do some more swimming to the exit.

Bonus areas:

1. At the O, jump into the water and swim to the Enguarde barrel.  Go in it to
change into him.  Super charge from there to the right to stop the fish
guarding the bonus barrel.

Kind: Star
Time: 20
How many stars: 25

You can get all of the stars without needing to kill the Lurchin (the spiked
shell creature) in the middle of the screen, but if you want to, do so when his
pink body is shown.

2. When you get the N, don't jump off the dock.  If you are using the emulator
version, now is a good time to save your state.  If you want to/have to use
Dixie, get a running start from the left, do a quick spin (press Y once, then
hold), jump, then glide (press & hold Y again).  You just might make it to the
bonus barrel.  If Kiddy is your choice, get a running start, then do the Water
Bounce move.  Time it right.  Here is another ASCII.  "W" is the surface of the
water, "b" shows where the bananas are, and "B" will be the bonus barrel.  The
docks are shown as horizontal dashes.  Note:  This isn't a fully accurate
picture, but is close.

+                                      +
+                             B        +
+______b                         b     +
+       b          b            b b    +
+        b       b   b       ___   b   +
+         b                         b  +
+          b                         b +

Kind: Bash
Time: 10

To win these stages, you must kill all of your enemies on screen.  To win here,
you must stop four Knik-Knaks by jumping on them.  You have 10 seconds.  Jump
where the bananas are, & make sure you hold Y & B while doing this for more
distance & height.  I'm not doing any ASCII this time, sorry.

Koin's Location:

He is right where you start.  You need both Kongs, and if you are missing one,
get him/her back, then return to the start.  Throw Dixie on the roof for the
barrel, and get close to Koin.  Throw it behind Koin.  Not so hard, is it?

You have seen wooden floors and docks, but how well can you handle
snow-covered floors?  That is your next challenge.  Good Luck.


The snow is somewhat slippery, but the stage is very straightforward.  Be
careful of Skidda, the purple Kremling that is out of control, for he appears
many times.  Also, past the halfway barrel, snow will start to fall.  After you
go down a steep hill past the halfway point, be prepared to jump fast to clear
the pit & get the N.  Past the next two Skiddas, the snow will stop.  The rest
of the stage is a snap.

Bonus areas:

1. After you jump over the second pit, Skidda and Krimp will start to attack.
Krimp is like Klaptrap from DKC1, so that means you can't roll into him.  Take
them out or avoid them.  After you deal with those two, jump into the barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 10

Not much time here.  Either time your jumps right on the four Skiddas, or roll
into them.

2. After the snow stops, go to the next house.  The barrel is above the house,
and you don't need to team up.  Just be careful of the pair of Skiddas.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Enemies are around this bonus stage, so you can treat it like a "Bash the
Baddies" bonus stage.  Remember that this is a "Find the Coin" bonus stage, so
you don't have to kill them.  In this case, though, it is a good idea.  Move at
a good pace to the right and you can get the coin.  Roll under the final
Knik-Knak to get the coin if you don't want to hit it.

Koin's Location:

Past the continue barrel, he and the barrel can be found in plain site.  Defeat
him the normal way.
You probably remember riding Ellie in Lakeside Limbo.  Now, what is it like to
become him?  Find out in the next stage.


If you are using the emulator version, turn off sprite 3.  This way the yellow
lights won't get in your way.

When you start the stage, ride the platform up, collecting as many bananas as
possible.  After the ride, get the DK barrel and turn into Ellie.  For the
first part, you have to time your jumps so you land on the rats (called Sneek)
while they don't see you (you will know if they see you should Ellie get
scared).  When you get to the first barrel, use it to destroy the Sneeks.  You
can jump on the Re-Koils (they are yellow Kremlings that bounce on their tails)
if you wish, but time your jump.  After you use the barrel that was in your
trunk, return to its original location for another.  Repeat that until you
destroy all of the enemies before the continue barrel.
Now you also have to avoid some Buzzes (or destroy them if they are green) to
stop the Sneeks or Re-Koils.  When you reach the intersection, make a right.
Use the barrel at the intersection to kill the remaining Sneeks guarding the

Bonus Areas:

1. Right past the halfway barrel is a green Buzz guarding a trap door.  Go past
it and pick up a steel barrel, then bring it back to the bee.  Kill Buzz and
jump into the trap door.

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

Use the regenerating barrel to stop the four green Buzzes up top.  You must
time your throws upward carefully.

2. At the intersection past the halfway barrel, go left & find a hidden arrow
barrel.  You will see two green Buzzes, one guarding a pit.  Bring the barrel
behind the Buzz above the barrel to the Buzz guarding the pit.  Fall in the
pit.  Time for another ASCII diagram.  "K" is the Steel Keg Barrel, "B" is the
Bonus Barrel, "E" is where you should be, & "b" show where the Buzzes are.

| b       +
|         +
|K___ _E__+

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Two sets of two Buzzes go in a clockwise direction.  Time your jumps so you
avoid them completely.  If you are using the emulator version, save your state
before you enter the bonus area.

Koin's Location:

Koin is in plain sight after the continue barrel.  The steel barrel is before
him.  Throw the barrel over the wall above Koin, & he will get it.

Warp barrel:

After the banana ride at the start, get both Kongs.  Put Dixie on Kiddy, and
throw Dixie up & left.  You will appear after the No Ellie sign.

Now you can play Swanky's Sideshow for the first time.  If you have two bear
coins, you can challenge Cranky in three throwing games.  To throw, press B.
You should get some practice in this game here as well as in the other worlds,
for you will be tested on your throwing skills later in the game.
After you have done enough target practicing for one day, go over to Belcha's
Barn and challenge him to a duel.  To find out how to beat him, go to the
boss's section on my FAQ.
After you are done with the barn attack, now you can head to Kremwood Forest,
but before you do that, visit Bazaar.  He is to the left of Wrinkly's Save
Cave, which is to the left of Funky's Rentals.  As long as you have some bear
coins, you can purchase some important items.  You should get the shell now,
which is a measly 5 bear coins, but remember to save 50 bear coins for the
mirror later.  Return to Lake Orangutanga and give Barnacle the shell for a
banana bird (BB: 3).  Now, enter Kremwood Forest.

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